Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Cleaned & Sealed

By Rob Hall


All our products have been sourced from long established professional companies, mainly from Italy.


No Stain

A specific detergent for the removal of organic stains such as Tea, Coffee and Wine from Marble and Granite. Easy to use and quick acting. Does not damage the surface brightness.


Specific Detergent for the removal of Moss, Algae, Lichen and Moulds from joints and surfaces in Marble and Granite


For the removal of Oily and Greasy stains


Oil and Grease stain remover


Wax Remover. Water Solvent mixture, developed to remove layers of wax or acrylic treatments.

Lanta 6

Acid Detergent specifically developed for the removal of Salts and Grout Residue. DO NOT use on polished surfaces. We recommend testing on a small area before use


Alkaline Detergent specifically developed to remove organic dirt. Particularly suitable for cleaning unpolished and sandblasted surfaces.


Twins TW Anti Stain Protection

Excellent Anti Stain product developed to protect Polished Marble, Granite and Porcelain Surfaces.

High water and oil repellent properties.

Surfaces Treated with TWINS TW are laboratory certified as suitable for food contact.

Clean with a neutral detergent (Detertwins)

5ltr will cover 15-18sqm on Marble and Granite. 35-40sqm for Porcelain.


Sealer for medium to high absorbency surfaces which leaves a 'satin' effect making cleaning easier.

From time to time, dilute 50%-50% with water to maintain the sealer.


Colour Enhancer and Protector for Unpolished and smooth stone.


Water and Oil repellent for Unpolished Marble, Stone and Granite.

Compound resin/Solvent solution for medium to high absorbent surfaces.

Can also be used outside.



Anti Slip for Granite, Porcelain and Ceramic

Test on a small sample area as the product can cause a loss of brightness to the surface.

No Slide

Anti Slip treatment for Granite and Polished Porcelain

1ltr will cover approximately 12-15sqm

Diamond Cleaning Brushes. The Environmentally friendly option.

4" & 17" Diamond

4" Silicone Carbide

Our contracting division use the Diamond brushes under the Samich Lotus Machine or the Flex Hand Held machine for the removal of stubborn sealers on Slate and Sandstone. On Some stone, such as Terracotta, we use the Silicone Carbide Brushes as they are not as aggressive as the Diamonds. The method of cleaning with brushes is particularly attractive as the very rarely need the addition of Chemical Cleaners, we simply spread water on the surface and the brushes do the rest.

Protective Sheeting

55cmx25m with dispenser

Easy to use protective polythene sheeting

We also stock Floor Cleaning and Polishing Machines along with a range of Diamond Polishing equipment.